How To Deal With Kidney Stones During Pregnancy

According to the Urology Care Foundation, the chances of kidney stones occur in every 1500 to 3000 pregnancies. However, the risk associated with kidney stones in pregnant women is almost the same rate as the women that are not pregnant but are of childbearing age. 

However, during the pregnancy when the woman becomes stressed, the risk of kidney stone formation increases. 

When do kidney stones form during pregnancy? 

The chances of kidney stone formation increase in the second and third trimesters. So any woman who is in the first trimester and continuously existing in a stressful state will experience and observe the consequences in the next two trimesters. 

What are the signs of kidney stones during pregnancy?

Most women observe and feel pain in the upper abdominal portion. Some women also experience pain in the back and sides. Kidney pain during pregnancy is often very irritating and annoying and can often spread to the lower abdomen. It is not often a sign of emergency but an immediate medical check-up is required in most cases. Some other common symptoms that occur in women who are having kidney stones during pregnancy include urinary urgency and frequency. They also have feelings of vomiting and nausea. All of these symptoms are also common signs of pregnancy due to hormonal imbalance and changes in metabolism. So sometimes they are often ignored and overlooked. 

Stone formation during pregnancy is a common consequence of hormonal and metabolic changes. These changes occur within the body of the woman during pregnancy. The reason is the bladder also gets pressurized by the growing fetus. So sometimes the urinary urgency is also due to that. However, it is important to note that the most common reason why kidney stones form in pregnant women includes the lack of fluids because the food consumption requirements increase during this time. 

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How to diagnose and treat kidney stones in pregnant women?

As discussed earlier small stones are not dangerous for the mother of the baby. However, sometimes when they are large enough, immediate treatment is required. Basically, kidney stones result in a painful condition that definitely resembles labor. It can trigger premature labor as well. So one of the dangerous outcomes is the interference of kidney pain with normal labor which definitely results in preterm birth and can also pose a health threat to the baby. 

Have you already had kidney stones? What should you do in your pregnancy?

Some women may also face the problem of kidney stones even before their marriage or before getting pregnant. However even after they get properly cured, they want to know how they can stop the formation of future stones during the pregnancy. The simple solution to this problem is to drink enough liquid, almost up to 10 glasses per day. Moreover, regular exercise especially yoga and breathing exercises can also result in the maintenance of metabolism and hormones. 

Pro Tip! 

It is also important to note that no-calorie or low-calorie drinks work miraculously in preventing the formation of stones in the woman who wants to get pregnant.

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