stress cause kidney stones

Can Stress Cause Kidney Stones?

Nephrologists and urologists frequently see patients who have urinary tract and kidney problems including the formation of kidney stones, especially the stressed people and the ones facing severe dehydration. So it is a common question whether or not stress gives rise to the formation of kidney stones. Some other factors are definitely involved such as the consumption of caffeine, poor eating habits, mineral deficiencies, etc. 

Can really stress cause kidney stones? 

A very simple and easy answer to this question is that stress is indirectly involved in causing kidney stones. However, the situation can get worse when the patient is also suffering from severe dehydration. The reason is, as the concentration of the urine increases and it becomes more and more concentrated.  

Here it is important to understand that dehydration is not only the result of low consumption of fluid but also results from disturbance of the food cycle due to stress, weight gain reduction in sleep quality, and malnutrition. 

However, stress is the major contributor that can result in dehydration and the burning of water content. It is also a common observation that people trigger stress by taking caffeine and energy drinks whenever they are confused, anxious, and depressed. They also further enhance the risk for kidney stones. 

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What does modern research say about the effect of stress on kidneys? 

According to the research conducted by Dr. Kaushik Shaw at Austin Neurology Institute, problems in the kidneys and urinary tract occur whenever the person suffers from stress, anxiety, and malnutrition, especially mineral deficiencies.

So undoubtedly stress indirectly relates to the formation of kidney stones as the team of Dr. Kaushik sees a lot of patients on a daily basis who face issues like concentrated urine, urinary tract infection, and kidney stones. Simultaneously, they go through psychological and stress-related issues. 

Here it is important to mention that stress is not the only factor in causing stones. When the stressful behavior occurs in the body of the person, the person not only experiences dehydration issues but also becomes a victim of internal unhealthy behaviors and unhealthy chain reactions within the body that cause long-term problems and may result in various other diseases as well. So it is mandatory to avoid stress-causing factors as much as possible. 

How to prevent kidney stones resulting from stress?

The most obvious solution is to avoid the things that result in stressful conditions. 

However, some other important solutions for the prevention of stress and ultimately the kidney stone include: 

  • Taking exercise on a daily basis. 
  • Increasing the consumption of foods and ensuring the intake of up to 8 glasses of water per day. 
  • Taking good sleep at least 8 hours per day will definitely reduce your dependence on caffeine and you will feel less stressed. 
  • Eating very good food and decreasing the consumption of red meat and sodium from your diet remember that sodium and sugar are the triggers of stress when you are already anxious mentally. 
  • Taking moderate amounts of calcium by consuming milk on a daily basis. 
  • Increasing the consumption of insoluble fibre in your diet and ensuring intake of rice wheat and barley. 

So in this article, we have tried to answer “Can stress cause kidney stones?”. If you still have questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section below.

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